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CH Sabamore's Read My Lips
of  Katurah's Papillons
Copying verbage, words, pictures, files & etc. from this website is
prohibited Katurah's Papillons,,, &
Katurah's Australian Shepherds, is Registered & Protected by
copyright to 2015!  
Copyright:               ALL Rights Reserved
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1963 to 1970 through 2003, 2009 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015,
Papillons   CD632A-263C6-5CDD2   Papillons  

Award for


AKC ptd. National. Speciality Winner Katurah's Boo
Katurah's Dali
By Katurah's Salvador Dali Of Zippour -
Katurah's Mizz Molly Brown.
First time out took a Group 1 win!
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The AKC® is proud to recognize AKC Breeder of Merit participants
who are dedicated to breeding beautiful purebred dogs whose
appearance, temperament, and ability are true to their breed.

These accomplished breeders are the heart of the AKC.

Has a history of at least 5 years involvement with AKC events.
Earned at least 4 Conformation, Performance or Companion event
titles on dogs they bred/co-bred.

Member of an AKC club.  Certifies that applicable health screens
are performed on your breeding stock as recommended by the
Parent Club.  Demonstrates a commitment to ensuring 100% of the
puppies produced are AKC registered.
Katurah's Amazing Grace Sarah
NAJ NAP NJP OJP JWW  2 legs on
NA, and 2 legs on NFP
Katurah's Amazing Grace--Sarah NAJ NAP  OJP
NA, and 2 legs on NFP and has moved up to
Excellent A Preferred JWW
Katurah's Amazing Grace Sarah NAJ NAP NJP
on NAPNAJ, and 2 legs on NFP OAP OJP NFP
and her son Moose who is
also winning and placing [NA NAJ CGC
Katurah's Amazing Grace  NAJ NAP NJP
on NA, and 2 legs on NFPNAJ OAP OJP NFP
I am the owner of Katurah's Papillons, and I am an Idaho Breeder of Champions~Versatility
Champions; and have received the AKC (American Kennel Club) Breeder of Merit status for my
dedication and hard work to produce Papillons that are healthy, capable, and beautiful.

I have been very blessed to be the home of over four plus decades of Multiple Homebred
AKC/ASCA/NCCA/USDAA Stock Dog/Int/Nat./UKC Champions, Best In Show, National Specialty,
National Premiere Dogs, Versatility Titles, Futurity Winners, Good Citizen Awards,Therapy,
Agility~started and advance (MACH), Coursing CA~CAA, and Herding Titles.

I started out training dogs and then went on to train, show, and produce Old English Sheep Dogs
from the famous Winfield and Greyfriar lines when I was very young.  Then I started showing the
Australian Shepherds for nearly 37 years; producing Champions and Versatility Champions---National
Premiere Dogs both in AKC and ASCA, High In Trial in Obedience, Herding in cattle, sheep, and
ducks, Ranch Dog Excellence, Agility Titles, Cainine Good Citizen Awards, Therapy, and Utility Dogs
and also being the team to beat!

Many have asked where Katurah's is headed in the future, having produced beautiful dogs
for nearly 49 years, and also being a Foundation Breeder; I am an Idaho Breeder of Champion
Papillons and have received AKC (American Kennel Club) Breeder of Merit status for my dedication
and hard work to produce Papillons that are healthy, capable, and beautiful. I plan to continue
producing fabulous show, agility, versatility-performance, and loving family pet companion
prospects.  My Papillons have the capacity to succeed in what ever opportunities they are given and
they are AKC Registered and DNA proven parentage/lineage.

One can say, I have been a small hobby show breeder of Papillons for 20 years, and now have
'Tony,' a Papillon who in 2012 was awarded the unusual title of "Famous Pocket
Papillon~Border Collie for Best Imitation in Herding" with his certificate; ' BISM BOB BOW AKC
ptd. Katurah's Vry Spcl Agent DiNose O'Ajauq (CA).'  I am told that he is the only Papillon to ever
win this title and has one of his Coursing Tiltles with 2 legs on Advance Coursing running 1200
yards each time when he is only required to run 300~400 yards helping other dogs.

Over the years, I have strived to produce quality dogs with beauty, intelligence, temperament,
outstanding movement, genetical soundness, structure, and versatility.
 The Papillons I own today
were chosen for temperament, health, conformation, and lines known for longevity; all key factors
in producing versatile individuals.  

I am very grateful to everybody who has received one of my wonderful Papillons.  As I would like to
give a Very Special Thanks to everyone who has chosen Katurah's Papillons for their show~versatility-
performance dogs, or family pet companions, and to which to share their lives with in the past and
future; not counting Katurah's Australian Shepherds in the past.  A big part of my fulfillment is placing
my dogs in the right homes; where they and their owners will thrive in companionship.  Because of
each of you I have been fortunate in reaching many of my goals.  As a Breeder I may breed the
puppy but it is the owners who help them reach their full potential.  I appreciate each and
everyone of you!  And am pleased to offer the owers support for the life time of the Katurah dogs!  

I am aware of recent unrelenting untrue attacks on my dogs and I on the Internet. Those accusations
are unfounded, undocumented, flat-out defamatory and completely unreasonable based on
vindictive falsehoods, not on actual events.  My dogs are the same quality as they were before two
women began their campaign of slander, which I have hired an attorney to deal with definitively.  
In a legal action, as opposed to the Internet, accusations must be specific and proof must be
presented, so I expect no difficulty prevailing on all points in court.  That will take time however.  
Meanwhile, please consider that anybody can post anything on the Internet: Writing the same or
similar lies repeatedly does not make them true.  If you have concerns about any of the controversy,
please contact me and don’t hesitate to ask questions.  I will answer directly, honestly, and provide
references, people who know me locally, how I and my dogs live, and how many of the dogs I have
bred are bringing joy and performance or conformation awards to their owners. The dogs
themselves are the proof of the pudding...they are beautiful, sound, outgoing, confident...and
blissfully unaware they and their breeder have been inexplicably and irresponsibly liabled.  

Katurah's, is dedicated to the preservation of the Papillon and protecting the integrity of the
breed----Today, Tomorrow, and for the Future!

My goal is to make sure that all my Papillons live up to my motto: [and strive to finish the work with
'Pretty Is As Pretty Does; but~Also Where Beauty and Performance are Born and Made as One.'

Thank you for visiting my website.  I hope to hear from you soon!  


Pamela Schweikert
Hi Pamela,

Denise wrote: "Katurah's Papillon, Cooper. We love this little guy. He is 2
temperment. Thank you Pamela Schweikert for your expert professional
work in providing us with such a high quality Papillon. He is so much more
than a dog, he is family."
Katurah's Cooper

Recently published libelous
statements raise the question,
why is this same person still
breeding Katurah dogs that I
have produced?
Check my reviews at
Katurah's Alena
Katurah's Flyer
AKC ptd. Katurah's Johnny Cash
Another great
Turbo kid who is
very well loved!
BOS AKC ptd. Katurah's Johnny Cash, was destine to be a
Champion and went on to a very wonderful home full of love.
He is/was loved no matter what others had to say about him with
their untruths and jealousies.  What a beautiful representation
of the Breed.   
You go For It ~  Katurah's Johnny Cash!

Johnny Cash, you are as Beautiful as they come and very much
loved; we won't let them beat you down!  You are in a very
wonderful home!
Katurah's Diesel

Basking in the sun with his little
friend and watching over him {the
Chi!}  what a precious moment!
Multiple BOB Over Specials AKC ptd./AKC BISP
Katurah Very Special Agent DiNose'O Ajuaq (CA,
2 legs on CAA) running 1200 yards when only
needed to run 300 or 400 yards helping other

Tony has won over some very nice Specials
and also recieved a Herding Cert. in sheep with
the Border Collies as a pocket Border Collie!

Whether they've competed in
conformation, obedience, agility or
Field trials, title winners are some of
the AKC's most special dogs. Katurah's
Sparkles Of Heaven MX MXJ MXFMX,
MXJ  MXF  T2B, and MXB has joined a
very exclusive group.

You and your dog have worked hard
for that accomplishment and we want
to help you celebrate!

The American Kennel Club's DNA
profiling service is offering AKC title
winners a very attractive opportunity.
For a limited time, you can add a DNA
profile to Katurah's Sparkles Of Heaven
MX MXJ MXF's AKC records at a special
price for "Title Winners Only".
Katurah's Flyer
AKC pt. Turbo taking BOS and  BOB the next day.  What  beautiful pics of him.
Brags!!! Joey, Turbo's son took WD BW!  Yeah!!!!  Pictures coming soon!
Mia only needs 2 ques and she
has her Mach
Brodie [Papillon],
Congrats! on your wins for who you are; a
double bred Katurah dog which you are
almost finished in a very short time.  
Eventhough, you don't carry the Katurah
name [as your registered named] due to
your owner's decision to take credit on
your AKC papers; but everyone will/does
know where you have come from with
your breeding, presence, elligence, and

Many of the Katurah dogs out of Molly x
Dally are double Katurah dogs [which
were obtained from me] and are not
given credit where credit is due [failed
to honor what was agreed upon!]


Katurah's Moose
Pics comimg soon!
I want to give Holly and her team A
Very Special Thanks for ALL their hard
work and time; showing and finishing
AKC CH BOB Katurah's Santana, 'Joey.'
with considerable competition  [took
two 4 point majors and also for
showing Katurah's Zoey at her first
show receiving WB for her first AKC
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Sire of Joey and many others !